History of Des Moines P.D.

There is a fabulous book in the DMPL collections called Behind the Badge:  Stories and Pictures from the DMPD.   It’s full of fantastic narratives and wonderful historic pictures of the Des Moines Police Department.  Below is a list of  Des Moines Police Chiefs/Marshalls and their Terms of Office beginning in 1852 and continuing to the present day.  1852-1899 is from the book.  1890-present is taken from the library’s Fun Facts.  I haven’t been able to find information on J. Youngerman, but I’m still looking!  If you have any, please post it in the comments section.


J. Youngerman 1852-1853
P. Bowers 1853-1854
J. Youngerman 1854-1855
J. Harter 1855-1856
T. Hall 1856-1857
S. Noel 1857-1858
J.T. Moore 1858-1859
R. Hedge 1859-1860
L. Jones 1860-1861
Jester Hedge 1861-1862
A.N. Marsh 1862-1863
S. Noel 1863-1865
W. Lowry 1865-1866
S.H. Carson 1866-1869
F.M. Smith 1869-1870
S.H. Carson 1870-1871
M.T. Russell 1871-1873
W.M. Patchen 1873-1874
Adam Hafner 1874-1876
J.S. Davis 1876-1877
George Christ 1877-1878
J.H. Bryant 1878-1880
John Smith 1880-1882
A.H. Botkin 1882-1883
Adam Hafner 1883-1886
A.H. Botkin 1886-1889
Alfred Jarvis 1889-1890
Sol Stutsman 1890-1892
Fred Johnson 1892-1900
James W. Jones 1900-1908
William P. Hume 1908-1908
Ab Day 1908-1909
A. G. Miller 1909-1910
George Yeager 1910-1916
C. C. Jackson 1916-1918
M. J. Donoghue 1918-1922
Roscoe Daunders 1922-1922
John B. Hammond 1922-1924
James Cavender 1924-1927
Roy J. Chamberlain 1927-1928
Henry A. Alber 1928-1939
Floyd Hartzer 1939-1940
Tom R. Watson 1940-1941
Tom Pettit 1941-1942
Joe Loehr 1942-1943
Floyd Hartzer 1943-1944
Victor T. Smith 1944-1946
Floyd Hartzer (asst. chief) 1946-1947
Lorin Miller 1947-1950
F. E. Mabee 1950-1952
Howard R. Eide 1952-1961
Vear V. Douglas 1961-1969
Wendell E. Nichols 1969-1979
Billie B. Wallace 1979-1984
William H. Moulder 1984-2003
William M. McCarthy 2003-2007
Judy Bradshaw 2007-

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