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Pre-1947 Des Moines Baseball Teams & Names

Baseball in Des Moines existed long before 1947.   Some earlier teams included:

1887 – The Des Moines Baseball Club played their home games at Athletic Park on the old Polk County Fairgrounds at Seventh Street and the Raccoon River.

1890s – The teams were known as the Colts, and then became the Prohibitionists.

1901-1903- The Des Moines Midgets of 1901 and 1902 became the Des Moines Undertakers in 1903, a very unusual name which reflected the off-season profession of the team’s manager.

1904- The club had three names in this year, the Prohibitionists, the Water Cures, and the Politicians and Legislators.

1905-1907- Reflecting Des Moines’ new role as an insurance center, the team became the Underwriters. After winning the pennant that year, the name changed to the Champs in 1906 and, after another win, to Champs II in 1907.

1908-1924 – The team began a long stretch during which it was called the Des Moines Boosters.

1925-1937 – Another long-standing name, the Des Moines Demons, began in 1925 and lasted until 1937. At this point, baseball disappeared in Des Moines until the start of the Des Moines Cubs in 1947.

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