Des Moines Architectural Surveys

The Drake Neighborhood Architectural Survey is now published on the city website.  The report has eight parts and is hundreds of pages long.  It is quite impressive.   Currently, you may view it on the city’s community development page.  It is about halfway down under “Plan.”

What is in this survey?  Well, you will find current house images, a list of “lost houses,” architectural types, who built them, original construction ads, and much more.  So, if you are researching your home or property in Des Moines, you should see if it falls into a completed architectural survey.  You may just hit the jackpot!

Other neighborhood surveys available at DMPL:  Capital East, Cottage Grove, Chautauqua Park,  Sylvan Theater district, and Riverbend.  Riverbend’s survey is a part of “Towards a Greater Des Moines,” which is a 6 volume survey focusing on early suburbanization and development of Des Moines.

Need more help?  Check out this previous post:  Finding Your Home’s History and/or talk to your librarian.

Finding Your Home’s History

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference session about researching your historic property.  Paula Mohr from the State Historic Preservation Office provided a great presentation.  You may view the presentation she shared with us below.

***You may access the Sanborn maps through the DMPL website here.  You just need your library card and PIN numbers (PINs are sometimes the last 4 of your phone number).

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