The New Wardrobe – 814 Locust – 1912

The Midwestern, vol. 2, 1912

I love old ads, especially ones with photos.  I came across this one while browsing The Midwestern.   By cross referencing the Sanborn maps with the Polk County Assessor page, I was able to determine this building is no longer here.  It is now a parking lot.

The 1910 City Directory lists an EG Christy  at this address as “harness.”  After that, it is vacant for a few years.   I admit, I didn’t dig for hours on this topic (staffing limitations, you know), but I did run through the basics.  If it wasn’t for this advertisement in The Midwestern, there wouldn’t be any immediate information to believe this business even existed.

 If you know anything, please comment.  We would love to hear it.

This is just an example of how much local history is not documented and how you have to dig, just to find a little information.

You may view more of The Midwestern online by clicking on the links found here.

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