Utica Clothiers, 1904

Utica Clothiers, northwest corner of 6th and Walnut, Des Moines, Iowa

from Fort Des Moines: Des Moines, Iowa: Described and Illustrated, 1904.  Available from DMPL Special Collections photostream on Flickr.

Owned by Isaac and Abraham Friedlich, according to the 1904 City Directory.  Isaac lived at 673 17th Street and Abraham at 1803 Grand Avenue.  Neither residence is still standing.

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  1. A three floor Utica Building addition, completed in 1907 was designed by Hallett and Rawson, Des Moines architecture firm that practiced 1898-1910 and had their offices on the 5th floor of the Utica in 1907. They also designed Rumely Building, Roadside Settlement House and Hallett Flat Apt Bldg, all extant
    George Emery Hallett was born in Des Moines. Lived 1863-1945. Designed Greenwood School, Campanile at Iowa State University.
    Harry Dustin Rawson born in Des Moines. Lived 1873-1934. Joined Proudfoot and Bird in 1910 after leaving Hallett.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this great information! We love it when people share their knowledge with us.

  3. When did the Utica close?

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