In case you don’t know, the Central Library keeps a historical collection of Des Moines high school yearbooks.  It is a part of our Iowa Collection, which is a permanent collection housed on the 2nd floor of the Central Library at 10th and Grand.  The yearbook collection is actively used by former students, genealogists, and other researchers.

If you have a Des Moines high school yearbook and you would like to donate it to the Des Moines Public Library, you may drop it off at any of our six locations.   We don’t mind duplicates!  If you have questions, you may contact me at

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  1. I’m looking to view Year book photo’s from Des Moines , Iowa during the year of 1955 . I know this may sound crazy but, I remember my past life when I went to school here . I saw a picture of myself in this past life and I knew it was me and I remember the day the picture was taken . My name was Lloyd and my friends called me Little Red because I had red hair . I was on a basketball team in school And my Fathers name was Robert and everyone called him Bob . He was the super intendent of the school .I lived in Madison County just down the road from the covered bridge . I became a Semi truck driver and died in a roll over accident on the highway . I remember the day I died in the hospital . If I could veiw the pictures of the memories I have from my past life I would be greatfull .

  2. Peggy Sue Medina

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. An FYI, this site is also no longer being updated. We have moved the blog to our new site at These are housed at the Central Library at 1000 Grand Ave. If you no longer live in the Des Moines area you may put in a reference request: (scroll down).

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