Des Moines Expansion – 1890 map

In 1857, Des Moines only encompassed 8.75 sq/mi.   In 1890, Des Moines annexed the following surrounding communities and increased its size to 55.1 sq/mi. This was a significant increase in land and population.  The boundaries for various years may be seen on the above map (click once to enlarge, again to zoom in on a section).

  • Sevastopol –  incorporated in 1877
  • City of North Des Moines – incorporated in 1880
  • Greenwood Park – incorporated in 1881
  • Gilbert – incorporated in 1882
  • University Place – incorporated in 1883
  • Capitol Park – incorporated in 1884
  • Easton Place – incorporated in 1889

Starting next week, I will provide a little history for some of the above communities.  Next week, Sevastopol.


Bartholomew, Harland. A Preliminary Major Street Plan for Des Moines, Iowa. 1925

2 Responses

  1. An interesting bit of history.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Where can I find further information about the map pictured?

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