Happy New Year!

Wow! This is one fancy card, I bet the Cole’s of Colchester Place threw and awesome new year’s party.

Really, I wish I knew more about this card. It was filed in an envelope all by itself in our Special Collections room at the Central Library. I assume it was sent out by Mrs. C.C. Cole since she is listed on the card, and the rest of the names listed on the card are either “Mrs.” or “Miss.”

I did a little bit of digging, and there was an announcement in the January 1st, 1878 Iowa State Register (Des Moines Register) indicating that Mrs. C.C. Cole would be “receiving calls” at Colchester Place and would be assisted by, well, all of the women listed on the card. It must have been quite the gathering if Mrs. Cole needed 33 assistants (by my count).

Colchester Place was the residence of Judge C.C. Cole, his wife Amanda M. Cole, and their five children (two sons and three daughters).  The residence was located at 708 Fourth Street.

Image of Residence:

Andreas, A. T. 1875. A.T. Andreas’ illustrated historical atlas of the State of Iowa. p. 143.

Biographical Information from:

Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa, containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county. 1890. Chicago: Lake City Pub. Co.

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