President in Des Moines Today

I can’t really have local history and government documents blogs without writing about today’s event. Right now, President Obama is meeting with 70 Des Moines residents in a Beaverdale backyard. I’m familiar with the house as I live across the street from it. And no, I’m not the person who called the police to investigate a suspicious person who turned out to be a member of the secret service (reported in the Register). I will say that under the circumstances I would have called, too.

It really is amazing how much work goes into getting the President around. I don’t know the details, but I have an idea of the time frame. Our neighbor’s house is beautiful with a large backyard, so it is not surprising that it was selected. The event prep work started last week with phone lines being installed, cars parked up and down the street, and lots of people moving in and out of the house. Of course,we weren’t told what was happening other than an important person would be at that house.

Last night a large satellite truck parked on the corner and this morning the media was out by 6:30. Secret service and police in numerous places, as well as a sniper team were present to protect the President. I wasn’t there when the President arrived (I’m working), but I’m expecting a full report from my husband.

I kept thinking how crazy I’d be if that was my house. Although our neighbors seemed busy straightening an already neat looking yard and house, they seemed to take it in stride. The Secret Service members were friendly, and I had no problem getting out this morning to get to work. I am disappointed I missed the full experience, but just observing the prep work made me tired.

I hope the President enjoys his visit. I also hope that my neighbors can relax after this experience. It’s a great story for them to pass down in their family and a wonderful event attached to a beautiful home.

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