One Armed Bandits and Other Stories. . .

I was researching the Cedar County Cow War when I came across this book, One Armed Bandits and Other Stories of Iowa’s Past and Present by George Mills.  Well, the title definitely caught my attention as I wondered, how many one-armed bandits could there have been in Iowa?  Approximately 17,480 in 2009.  What am I referring to, you ask?  I’d like to know what you think.  Please post your answer in the comments box and I’ll  confirm it or provide the answer on Monday.

Back to the book.  One Armed Bandits is full of great Iowa stories about  Bonnie and Clyde, soldiers’ clothing, strange names, downtown, and of course, the reason I found the book, the cow war.   There’s also a couple of great photos  of the Majestic and Unique Theaters included, too.

This book is available for checkout at five of DMPL’s locations.  You can place your reserve online, over the phone (9-6, M-F), or in-person.  Click here to see hours and locations.

2 Responses

  1. But what about the Cow War! When do we get that story?

  2. One-armed bandits are slot machines!

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