Iowa Auto Trails and Scenic By-Ways

Do you want to see the scenic routes of Iowa that are rarely seen?  Do you like to drive?  If so, then you should try an historic auto trail or scenic by-way this summer.

Auto trails and scenic byways are a great way to experience Iowa’s natural and cultural heritage.  Iowa has nine state designated and two nationally designated scenic byways ranging in length from 36 miles (Old O’Brien Glacial Trail) to over 2,000 miles (Iowa Great River Road).

Historic auto trails are highways that existed from 1910 through the 1920s.  Some were mapped and others simply written down.  Examples of historic auto trails include the Great White Way (White Pole Road), John D. Parmalee Trail, and the Everett Powers Highway.

If you are interested in learning more, the library has some great Iowa vacation resources, including The Great Iowa Touring Book.  This is a fabulous book that provides detailed driving routes, as well as interesting places to stop along the way.

Other Iowa travel books to check out:

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