Family Maps

We recently acquired some great maps for surrounding counties entitled Family Maps of Iowa, by Arphax Publishing.  These maps contain a treasure trove of information for local historians and genealogists.  Family Maps for the following counties are available:  Jasper, Madison, Story, and Warren.  Unfortunately, there is not one available for Polk County. 

These map books include the following information for each township in the covered county:

Land patent index – by surname

Land patent map – map of patents as listed in the index showing the homestead locations.  In addition to the map, a key tells the oldest and most recent patent dates, number of patents, surnames, individuals, cities, and cemetaries.

Road map – roads, city-centers, and cemeteries

Historical map – includes railroads, lakes, rivers, creeks, city-centers, and cemeteries

These books are available for in-building use at the Central Library at 10th and Grand.  Happy researching!

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